GPS DATA Requested for Officer Lynch POPD #734

After several months of getting the run around, Kitsap 911- Cencom  finally provided us with GPS location data they claim is for Officer Lynch #734.


The unfortunate news is the records are not Officer Lynch's Data.  Not only are there two completely different GPS data sets and neither of those are correct, they both show a Graveyard shift, but they also provided Unit History Reports which also were altered. We know that Lynch works Swing by the MCT log ins, the Police Department schedule and that we see him all the time during swing shift hours.


Isn't it a felony to alter records?  After all what's the point of keeping records if you just make them show whatever you want by changing them any way you please?

When we gave  Kitsap 911- Cencom the benefit of the doubt and pointed out what may have been an innocent error;  they responded that it was not an error and  they had destroyed the records and do not have them anymore. I think they're not supposed to do that either? 

Take a look for yourself-  maybe we are missing something? By all means tell us if we are!

The (partial) MCT log on the left was provided from the Kitsap County Administration.  I believe it is the one reliable record. 

POPD provided a shift schedule spreadsheet which is not 100% accurate. They 'created' from what they remember just for me. I call it the "memory log" It shows Lynch as working primarily a Swing shift. 

Below are the AVL/GPS data logs Kitsap 911/Cencom provided for officer #734.  The data shows the officer sign in and sign out time.  The left side was provided in a records batch on 10/10/2017 the right side was provided with a bunch of other records on 02/08/2018. They are both for same dates and officer but they  do not match. Neither match the MCT or POPD spreadsheet. 

This is the complete log

provided for this day

Here is the first page of 3 "Unit History Reports" these do not match any of the other information either. Note that officer Wofford is given 2 badge numbers.  None of them show the vehicle at the private residence where we see it on security footage. The security video confirms #734 was at the residence at 9:41am on 03/06/17 and again on 3/08/17 at 9:19am

At least this report got the right shift- but it's still not the history of 734.

Video explanation of these records
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