This same judge allowed the respondents counsel to put witnesses on the stand that I had never heard of, my attorney had no way of knowing what these people were going to testify about. There was no way to prepare for cross examination. But we thought it didn't matter because we all knew who the liar was and I really was so squeaky clean that

When the evaluation came back that he was "normal" I was confused. It didn't seem possible. So we looked at what information was used by the doctor and found out that the GAL hadn't sent him all of my husbands previous assault convictions on other people and a 10 year old neighbor kid, DUI's and DV convictions from beating on me when I was pregnant. 

The night they abducted my son the police helped them- I have evidence of that but that's a story for another time. They disappeared

for 2 weeks before they re-surfaced and told the court they took my newborn because I was "wild-eyed" crazy. I had been sleeping with my son in my arms. I didn't use drugs or drink then and I still don't. I believe that is the very reason why I've managed to spoil their plans. If you are going to fight the system- you have to be squeaky clean.

In my case, my husband and his parents had abducted my

newborn son from my arms at 1am. They hid out for 2 weeks.

They did this because after learning from the in-home surveillance system, I didn't know was there.  I had filed for a divorce and had been granted a protection order that had not yet been served. 

When they resurfaced with their "story" The court ordered us both to get psychological evaluations. At the time,I thought it would show how narcissist sociopthic psychopathic my husband was and I did not object. I did not know someone could lie their way through a psych-eval. 

Along with all the counselors notes about how his "Childhood was full  of abuse from his own parents contrary to the pillar the community had this well-known local family perched high atop. We sent those documents over to the Doctor and he was mad that a person was able to lie and make him look bad. He blamed it on not getting the documents from the GAL. We still don't know why she didn't bother to send them. She did mention that there had been a "threat" of some kind, but we didn't go into that.

Everyone always says that if  you are caught lying even a little, you  lose all credibility with the court. Believing that was true, I told the truth even when it hurt. I was terrified this man was trying to take my newborn baby from me and he was lying about everything- I didn't know how I was supposed to disprove all the negatives and he seemed to have some pretty powerful people  helping him.  I did not understand why this was happening.

I was positive that once the Court learned he had lied to the renowned psychologist and the mental health diagnosis was not 'normal' and that he was an honest to God psycho-sociopath- I would be able to keep my son safe and we could move on... Boy was I wrong.

It made me decide to post a portion of a transcript from back when this all started for me.

This video pretty much sums up my experience with the family courts:

his attorney tried to use it against me. He referred to me as "Snow White" and whined on about how my clean lifestyle, untarnished reputation and lack of a legal problems in my past  was a smokescreen for deeper more sinister secrets.

So as you can see from this expert witness, the Respondent was an adept liar. He had some serious mental health issues and there was some concern for my sons safety around him.  But Judge Felnagle didn't care. 

If it had been me who lied to the doctor this  biased judge would have allowed the doctors amended opinion and probably locked me up for a while and never  allowed me to see my son again.


This is just one example of many. The system is broken when common sense is completely cast out and these kind of things happen even on record-

Did you know that in Pierce County the trial audio recording from domestic family court hearings belong to the court reporter? That means that if the court reporter on your case moves to Fiji, you would have to go there to find them and request your transcripts. If they still have them. They are only required to keep them for 7 years.


Its fortunate I happen to get this one before she could run off and all evidence would be gone with her.

I may never comprehend the depth of everything that has been allowed to happen to me and my family since this divorce proceeding. Law enforcement , lawyers,(even my own lawyers making deals with his) Not just back 18 years ago; it never ended.

The stalking, harassment and threats have been ongoing since then. I have not been able to get  help because law enforcement is just as corrupt as the courts. I don't see how or why the man I divorced is worth so many people in such high places breaking laws to assist his obsession with destroying me.  A bit off topic but I do want to add that he has only paid a couple hundred bucks a month in child support for a total of 5 years of our sons 18 years of life.  Usually, good parents want to provide for their children. Decent men don't make it their life's work to  destroy the Mother of their children.  But you read it  yourself-  in the transcript from Dr. Lawrence Majovski's cross examination... this is not a normal or decent man. I haven't done anything about going after him for financial support because I have been too afraid of him and completely  aware that the system is on his side ever since this expert testimony was completely ignored by Judge Felnagle.