“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are      created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with     certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty,   and the pursuit of happiness.”               -Thomas Jefferson   

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The Boogey Man

February 13, 2018.


Today is my eighteenth birthday.  There are many reasons kids look forward to this day of their life. Some anticipate the right to vote or get a job that has nothing to do with scrubbing grease off a grill. Others look forward to it  because it symbolizes a rite of passage.   Whatever their reasons, one common thread is the anticipation of  freedom and independence of being considered an adult.    For me, I have long awaited this day for reasons different than most. This day’s dawning means the Kitsap County Legal system will have no choice but to hear my voice unfiltered.  A right I should of had as a child but the corruption of the courts oppressed. Today I can request acknowledgement of my charge against the man and the system that destroyed my  family, my high school years and while I won't let it completely destroy my future, it is forever scarred.

Certainly those same kids looking forward to gaining their independence on this special day in their lives had  shed their juvenile fear of the boogeyman long ago.   Like them,  I had long forgotten about the Boogeyman until my sophomore year; when he and  I were formally introduced. My Boogeyman has a few cohorts who masquerade as people I know and there are others I am aware of  but have not yet seen. The ones I haven't seen show their presence from behind the scenes and within the shadows.  

My eighteenth Birthday. The day I have eagerly anticipated the ability to reclaim my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Those unalienable rights  that were stolen from me by officials gerrimandering the lines and limits of their authority.  Having no concern for common sense or reason and certainly no regard for the standards meant for the very voices they were supposed to protect.  Instead, those voices were shoved aside,  stifled, ignored and substituted with self-serving propoganda.  Corrupt adults working  in collusion with each other  all having at least two things in common-  disregard for truth and  bottom sucking greed.


Today, society gives me the power to flip on a switch and shine a light on the nefarious deeds of the corrupt.  A light that will bring them out of the shadows to face accountability. A light  to shine on the men and the system who through abuse of power and authority; obfuscation of facts; bulldozing of truth and downright stomping on Rule of Law; handed  the Boogeyman and his accomplices a free-pass to hang out 'under my bed' indefinitely.

This all came about a  few years ago. It was around the time my home where I lived with my Mother was burglarized.   Not getting what he wanted the first time, the burglar returned a few days later, an act which revealed his identity.  That second break-in became the pivotal point of my life when the man I had once admired and looked up to; my Father, became the man I most feared and hated. He became my Boogeyman.  Three years have passed since then and while he is no longer my worst fear, his actions and the actions of those who helped him bring harm to me and my family,  steered my life down a  path paved with deceit and corruption. A trail tightly ensconced by a lawless court system and  reproachable law enforcement actors.  I witnessed first hand that the ‘good-guys’ aren’t always who they seem to be and that honor among thieves takes on a whole new meaning when the thieves are after your rights and not your possessions.

It is said that seeing is believing and although you haven't seen everything I've been through and can only know what I write here using simple words; know that my words are true.