No Quarter Quota for the DA? No Consequence for Corruption?


Most people might think the DA would  tire of prosecuting homeless trespassers crossing storefront sidewalks at midnight or bored after years of doing nothing more than the likes of  holding fire to the to the heels of anyone who dares to overlook the newly posted no left turn sign - Gasp! Lock-em up!  Does the DA have a “successfully jailed” no Quarter quota?


I suppose prosecuting only those who can’t defend themselves, working side by side with public defenders to keep people in a never ending downward legal spiral of court fees and fines and community service is one way to ensure your case log has more notches on the ‘convicted’ side of the tally docket.


Probably from watching too many movies, I always believed in Law enforcement, that Judges upheld the Law and that DA’s were devoted to justice. I imagined prosecuting attorneys always eager and ready for that case that offers the full meal deal; a full meal entrée of evidence right down to a roll with butter. One where they could right a wrong-you know, the kind of case that law school students dream of that will catapult their career to the top of the heap. Unless of course that’s a heap of corrupt officials. Would a prosecutor decline to charge a full meal? In Kitsap County the DA’s office looks the other way; when the known criminals eat their meals at the same table- Justice be Damned.


One Kitsap County resident found herself facing the reality of a rigged system and awkwardly at odds with every judge on the Superior Court Bench. It’s been a long journey and still far from over. A journey that began when she sought an order for protection for her child from someone who, well, had more financial influence than she did.


Before I give you a pseudo-name to protect her privacy, understand that her real name is no secret to anyone in the Kitsap County Court System or the Kitsap County Sheriff nor the Port Orchard Police Department. Not because she is a criminal; she’s never been in any trouble, but for reasons this story will reveal.  It may be a moot attempt to protect her privacy (and safety) as the Court has violated her right to privacy and used her name in a smear campaign designed to set an example for anyone who dares to question their motives, nevertheless, I will call her “Katy.”


I wish I could tell you Katy's story is about justice and the mighty hand of the law coming down hard on the unruly head of common no-good criminals. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that.  Instead, this is a story of corruption and abuse of power with tendrils so far reaching, twisted and deeply rooted it is impossible to fully comprehend.  It’s not the filming set of House Of Cards but you'll think it could be. Before you read any further, ask yourself- are you a victim of the system? Chances are if you’ve ever been a litigant in Kitsap County the answer is yes.


A Child Custody Investigator (or GAL) was appointed to talk to the (grown 16 year old) child in what should have been a fairly simple modification of parenting plan. Except for the fact that no one could have guessed what the GAL would uncover in his investigation. Not even Katy herself truly understood the real issues until the report was released.


The report provided a vivid description of a drug addicted paranoid woman who was using her child as leverage to get revenge and cause problems for her ex-husband whom she had divorced 15 years prior. After commenting that the ex-husband (respondent) appeared to “walk on water” the GAL goes into detail describing Katy’s behaviors as those we’re all familiar with as those of a common drug addict.  Supporting the narrative by quoting Katy’s comments to him about her ex-stealing her mail and damaging her mailbox. Detailing her repeated tale of times that she heard footsteps around her house at night.  Throughout the interview the GAL noted, it was difficult to keep Katy focused and that she refused to answer many questions, she was jumpy,  restless and apparently in need of a fix.


I’m certain the public who pays for and supports CASA and other similar services will agree it’s a good thing this Court official had the proper training to recognize all these characteristics and could spare the child from further infliction of harm from this crazed drug-addicted woman. The child would certainly need therapeutic counseling for years to come and Katy should immediately be tested for drugs and have a mental health evaluation.


The only problem with the GAL’s report is that the interview he wrote about in such explicit detail had been audio- recorded and the recording revealed that all those things he wrote about…didn’t actually happen.


Around that same time there was another Kitsap County Family Court litigant I will call Sally. Enter the very same GAL only this time consider one part of the report where there is concern that this mother has such little care for her child she refused to answer or respond to numerous phone calls, even while knowing she was in the middle of a custody investigation. Now look at the Verizon phone log Sally holds in her hand which shows she was not called by this GAL several times at all.  As a matter of fact all the calls were outgoing from her number to his- He was the party refusing to answer the phone.   Nevertheless, the Court didn’t care about the evidence Sally provided. Sally lost custody of her little girl and (at the time of this writing) has not seen her for several months and does not know where she is.


Those two examples of blatant perjury changing the outcome of the proceedings (should not matter that it wasn't a criminal court- it's still perjury)  accompanied with the documents that prove the perjury, would be enough to convict you or me and there’s little doubt the DA would jump at the opportunity to charge either of us. Yet they weren’t at all concerned when they learned it was a Court appointed official, a peer, committing the act.


The act of perjury is a serious crime.  There is no doubt the level of trust for the judiciary would plummet upon the public learning that neither the Kitsap Prosecuting attorney’s office nor the Elected Superior Court Judges think that a Child Advocate who has the power to influence termination of Parental Rights, who can cause Children to be torn from their families and homes and even be placed into adoption has no qualms perjuring testimony for whatever reason he sees fit- should merit any charges or even an investigation.  



Since the first light was cast upon the tip of corruption in Kitsap, court administration has been hard at work colluding with various court employees, attorneys, and even a few Superior Court Judges to bury the numerous complaints and allegations of misconduct filed against their Family Court and Juvenile Court Departments. Those who practice these criminal acts of misconduct will have absolute protection even if the Judges have to change the Law midstream; Protection so absolute that those reporting the misconduct of these officials are simply dismissed and ignored. If they should dare to persist as Katy has, they will be covertly harassed by police,  stalked by private investigators and in the case of Sally, even jailed on questionable charges.


Fast forward to another mother entering the family court. Finding the same troublesome and haunting responses from the system, on the verge of losing custody of her child for absurd GAL conduct, turning to the internet for answers, she finds that she is not alone. There’s a trail of victims in the Kitsap system wake and that trail leads to the daunting reality that it’s not just one rogue GAL, it’s the whole Kitsap Judicial System and it seems to be controlled by one Judge. One Judge who seems to think herself impenetrable. That judge renders decisions as though the law is fluid and malleable to her will. Abusing the power entrusted by the people who elected her to office.


Of course it’s not surprising to find corrupt attorneys. But it can be shocking and downright unbelievable to realize just how far up the chain the corruption festers. We are finding corrupt officials at every level. From court administration, directors, Judges, the prosecuting attorney’s office and even the Port Orchard Police Department. FOIA Records from the latter show they are actively covering up for police officers who covertly stalk families involved in family court litigation. Police harassing families with the explicit goal of gathering evidence the GAL can use against their victims, yet the officers continue without consequence and continue stalking innocent families after the court cases are long over.



Finding each other through online forums- victims, all women, of this scandal have gathered and compared notes. Trying to find the common thread between them that would explain the events that are irreparably destroying their lives. Producing shared and gathered evidence from audio recordings and court documents that verify the perjury of Public Officials to security videos proving police covert stalking, to FOIA records requests for police disciplinary records, GPS data logs and officer shift schedules. Requested documents received from those requests from Cencom, Kitsap-911 and POPD show what would appear to be police vehicles driving around all night without officers in them and officers who have 2 different badge numbers and disciplinary actions that have no supporting documentation for why they were written.  



Kitsap County Family Court system is overflowing with corruption and it needs to be exposed and stopped.  Once we get this story out, there will no doubt be more victims to come forward.  Please investigate this story, report and help us expose what’s going on.  We need attorneys who are willing to help us. If not for the many lives that are counting on it; there are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of compensation that should be returned to those who had it swindled from their hands.



As they say, ‘Time waits for no one’ and as painful as it is to realize the impossibility of correcting the harm that has been done to innocent children and their families as the Kitsap Family Court System marches forward; Public Trust be damned. We fight to restore integrity to the system that future families will not be harmed. We will not stand down and allow Kitsap Judicial System to continue ignoring all attempts for restoration of the justice system. Using obfuscated tactics to delay and stonewall the victims. Abusing their power and overstepping boundaries and laws. Using their authority to hold victims at bay just long enough for the Statute of Limitations to kick in even outright demanding that victims should “forget about it” and “just move on.” Time may heal all wounds as they say, but don’t forget that Time also will tell and as far as the end of Kitsap Judicial Corruption please help us let them know, The Time has come.



My Sincerest Gratitude,


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