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No more Jack

APRIL 7, 2018

Last week I was doing some deep cleaning and rearranging at my house. Thinking they will never be used again, I removed some old landline telephone jacks. The main living area jack had a short wire connecting two terminals that looked different from the other jacks I removed from other rooms. I took some pictures of it (see below) thinking I might look more into it later.

You can see the wire is wrapped in a figure 8 tightly around the plate, this extra wire (not in the other jacks I removed) is tightly wrapped around to the other side of the plate and completes a circuit between the two connection screws. The other jacks in the house just had one wire coming from each of the two screws.

Certainly different, but I'm used to weird things around here, so I didn't put a whole lot into it because I haven't even had a landline for so many years. I snapped a couple photos thinking I might check into it more later. Then forgot all about it until this morning when I looked out my window and saw my phone service box:

Box wide open

It was wide open. I haven't had a landline telephone since before 2007. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's interesting that the service box is opened a few days after I removed the phone jacks inside my home.


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