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Updated: Apr 21, 2018

After discovering my phone service box had been tampered with a few days after I had removed all the phone jacks from my house I was talking about it with my house guest. My visiting friend was seeing first hand some pretty strange events happening at my house. From paragliders circling the yard to white fingerprints on her dashboard she was becoming concerned about what was going on. As we discussed why or how the phone box may have opened I mentioned that one of my dogs had awakened me around 2 am that morning. My dog was shivering which is something he usually does when he sees someone he is afraid of. My bed was shaking so much it woke me up. I thought it was odd that the dog was shivering because no one else was in my room. I figured it was his shivering that was shaking my bed and I put him out of my room but my bed continued to shake, like a low hum or vibration. I had had this experience a few other times recently and I would describe it as what a diesel truck parked and running outside would feel like. My visitor told me she too had been awakened just after 2 am to a "vibrating bed." She thought it was an earthquake and made a note to herself to check the morning news to see where it had hit.

This shared experience, even though we had been sleeping in opposite ends of the house, made us turn to the security footage. I didn't have a camera directed at the phone box but you can see what appears to be human shaped shadows (2) moving in and out of my guest's car that night around the same time we both had been awakened by the shaking. We went outside to look at her car. You can see from the photo below that her dash is pulled out more than before leaving an even bigger gap extending over to the passenger side of the car and a second manufacturer notch being exposed.

She said it looks like there were things moved around in the back seat and the contents of a bag was strewn across the floor board. She doesn't think anything was taken. We will always wonder what could have made the whole house vibrate. Below you can see a snapshot I pulled from the security video. I outlined one of the shadows that we see moving around inside the car when it briefly took an upright position. Its just shadows but it looks like two people are moving around outside and inside the car. These shadows appeared around 2:00 am and continued being active for about 40 minutes.

Shadow on garage


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