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The number that gets around

Three days ago I posted about a man calling me and demanding I stop calling him when I had not called him at all. Later that same day a man in a white prius seemed to be tailing me and intercepting a call I was trying to make. I wasn't sure if the man I ended up talking to was who he should be or the guy in the car behind me. I quickly made up a few stories to tell him in case he wasn't who he was supposed to be in order to steer him in the wrong direction. I could correct my story later it if it became necessary but now I don't think I'll need to.

Yesterday I typed into googlemaps to get directions to "SAMI" a school located inside Point Defiance park in Tacoma Washington. I would be working there for a few hours that evening. Due to construction, Googlemaps directions didn't work and I ended up driving all the way around the park to get to the school. When I was about 1/2 way through the park my son called me. When I answered he made a strange noise then didn't seem to be there. I thought maybe he had pocket dialed but just to make sure, I tried to call him back. After waiting quite a while my call would not connect. A friend of mine then called and I talked to her for several minutes before I tried to call my son again. Still the call would not connect. I checked the reception bars and they were full so it didn't make sense. As I was trying to connect to him I came around a bend where I could see SAMI on the right.

Unfortunately, the driveway had a chain across it and I could not enter. I continued a little further and was glad to see a second driveway entering the parking lot that was not blocked and I turned in. There was a hedge blocking the view of the parking lot from the road so I could not see until I had rounded the hedge that there was only one car in the lot. Pointed toward me backed to the chained entry I could not enter from, was a white prius.

I had essentially trapped the prius in the lot facing toward me as I entered. I could see the man's face was surprised but not as surprised as mine must've been.

The white square represents the prius. The first arrow (left) is chained entry. The second arrow (right) where I entered.

My phone still trying to connect to my son and the white prius sitting there alone in the barren lot was slightly surreal. It looked like the prius from the evening before and my phone... was having problems again. Houston, I think we have a problem? I was slowly moving forward like people do in parking lots looking for a place to park. The school was supposed to be open but looked closed and I was starting to panic. If my phone wasn't connecting to my son it probably wouldn't connect to my contact for this assignment to find out what had gone wrong nor would it connect to a call for help if I should need it... and here I was playing a slow motion game of chicken with a white prius, one I thought maybe I'd seen the day before. If it was the same one, what was it doing here, why was I here when the place was closed? A million questions suddenly swarmed through my brain cells as the white prius crept forward rolling to a stop next to me. As it did I couldn't be certain in my panic if it was the same man or not. Rolling down the window he poked his head out and asked me what I needed. It seemed odd to me because I was in a huge public park. Who asks people what they need in a park? People are driving around parks slowly and parking off the roads to hike trails and walk and interact with nature all the time; who stops and asks them what they need? He got out of his car to come talk to me. He looked very familiar to me so I asked him if he knew me. In an interrogative tone he answered by asking me who I was, of course out of the stupor of fear I explained why I was here and what I was looking for. He then spouted the names of several schools and institutions he sometimes works at- any of which I might work at regularly, for my own sanity's sake I decided I must've seen him at a work assignment before. It wouldn't be impossible would it? Besides, I was lost and needed help so I explained what I was looking for. He told me there was another building and offered to drive there and let me follow him so I would be sure to find it. I took him up on it. How lucky was I to find such a kind stranger out of nowhere? He stopped a couple of times and got out of his car to come talk to me. In the storm of confusion swirling around in my head I didn't commit why he kept stopping and approaching me to memory. As confused as I was equally grateful to have help getting where I needed to go- I was now very late. As I followed behind him, I didn't have the view of him through my rear view mirror like I'd had the night before. He pointed me to my destination and as I turned into a parking spot glancing over my shoulder to wave him a thank you I caught a straight on glimpse of him from the front of his car through his windshield- I felt a bag of rocks drop into my lower gut- it was most certainly the same guy who whipped into traffic behind me 60 miles North of there the day before.

I finished with my job a few hours later and called my son to find out why he called. The call connected just fine. He asked me why I had called him earlier. I told him I was returning his call. He said he didn't call me but he had answered a call from me where I made a strange noise then didn't speak and he thought I had pocket dialed him. After some back and forth we decided we would compare our phone logs when I got home.

Our phone logs showed that I had an incoming call from him at the same time he had an incoming call from me. The recorder is one hour off but the minutes are right. At 5:08 pm we called each other even though neither of us intended to call the other. Another weird occurrence but hey technology does weird things all the time. But then I took a look at my after factory installed call recorder app log:

The number logged at 18:08 was the number I had been trying to call the night before, and to deepen the mystery it had my sons picture on it as though it were him but it's not his number! If that's not strange enough the call above that was a 25 minute call to my friend Jan.

Not only not her number either but the

same number that is not my son's number!

I know its confusing so let me try to sum it all up: The same number I was trying to call Monday night but only kept connecting to a Spanish answering service was calling me on Tuesday night masquerading as my son. Showing his number on my cellphone call log but in my recording software was not my son but had my sons contact photo attached. That same number connected to my phone instead of my friends number even though my friends number and sons numbers both were in the phone's original call log. While I try to catch my breath- Please tell me how any of this is possible?

Here's a screenshot of my factory installed cellphone log:

When I talked with my friend for 25 minutes the recorder was recording the call as from the same number as my son's as the Spanish answering service and as the potential client.

The mysterious number is owned by someone in Lynnwood WA. No one I know up there.


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