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Phone-y Baloney.

Updated: May 16, 2019

Out shopping with a friend I left my cellphone in my car while we were in the store. As soon as we got back in the car my phone was ringing. I didn't recognize the number other than by the area code it was a local number. I answered it and the call disconnected before much of anything could be said. The caller did get a few words in but I didn't recognize the voice so I dismissed it until about 20 minutes later when the same number called again. This time I let it go to voice mail. You can see from the call log I had not called the number at all. Take a listen to both of those:

Later the same day, I had a scheduled phone conference with a prospective client that I have not met yet. I do not know him. We planned to have a phone conference at 6:00 pm. Because I was just leaving a job and wanted to get on the freeway before calling so I would not be too distracted by maneuvering my car, I predialed the number before driving away from my location. Heavy traffic made it challenging to make a left turn without a traffic signal at one intersection. I would have been there all night waiting for both directions to clear enough to cross all the way over. Seeing there was a middle turn lane I decided to scoot into that then when it was safe, I could move in to the right lane or main roadway and go from there. At the intersection where I was stopped and waiting to make the left turn, I noticed a white prius behind me. When I made my move toward the middle lane, I was surprised to see the prius go with me! It cut off the cars that were coming from the right and I thought it was going to speed up to get ahead of me but as he cut off the oncoming car I could see he was a bit confused that I was in the middle turn lane and not in front of him on the main road. I could tell he did not want to pass me but intended to be behind me. I moved in front of him and kept my eye on him as I proceeded. Soon, I was close enough to the freeway to go ahead and place my call as it was past six. I posted the audio of the calls below, but before you listen to those let me explain what was going on simultaneously with the cars. After the first call didn't connect properly, I was in the left turn lane to enter the on ramp to the freeway and the white prius was still right behind me, also deep in the turn lane. At the last minute as I started to move toward turning left to enter the ramp I jumped into the right lane instead (illegal- yes I know) and drove straight up the road not entering the freeway. The prius was stuck going on the entrance ramp. The maneuver to ditch him happened when the second call attempt was answered. I disconnected that call and as soon as his car disappeared from my view, the call I was trying to connect came in. Take a listen:

Now I don't even know if I was really talking to the guy I was supposed to be talking to. He seemed to know what we were talking about- but during the course of our conversation, his location changed from about 40 miles away to "right down the street" the next town over. He told me his website had old information. How convenient he is so close now, it will be much easier to do business with him. I am wondering if the first 2 calls should have shown a time count? I'll have to make a note to check for that next time I get an answering machine.


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