• Katy

Sheriff Subbing for POPD?

Updated: May 17, 2018

The morning after I posted about the over sized drone flying up from somewhere behind my neighbors house and the illuminated glider flying over- head, another interesting thing happened. This time my family and friends all saw it, or we would have never known. Keep in mind my house is on a dead end street. When it first enters the scene, this car is headed toward the dead end. When you see it back up it turns around at the top of the driveway of the neighbor where the drone had risen from behind. This isn't an area for passersby and if any of my neighbors had called for assist, I'd have been told all about it. At least this one is inside its own jurisdiction- I'd like to believe whoever it was was my ally- but hard to know. It almost seemed that they saw my drone video and wanted to get a closer look at the lay out of the land. But I have serious doubts anyone would see my vlogs- besides you guys. You are my friends, and seriously who else even knows about them- they'd have to have me under some kind of surveillance to know about them and that is just plain silly to think.


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