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Training Records Request

Updated: May 17, 2018

I consider this a win!  

RE: Public Records Request Received March 23, 2018
Dear Miss Katy:
On March 23, 2018, we requested and received clarification to your request. The City is prepared to provide you with the second installment of records in response to your request.
The second installment of records has been redacted to remove Fitlist and US Army law enforcement sensitive intelligence bulletins pursuant to 5 USC 552, and RCW 42.56.240 (1), RCW and RCW and passcodes pursuant to RCW (6).
There are 2,468 pages of responsive records to the second installment of records. The City has determined the costs of providing the requested documents to you to be as follows:
Review documents No charge. To take place during business hours only from 8:00 am -4:30 pm). Paper copies $370.20 (2,468 pages $0.15) Plus postage and delivery fees, if receiving by mail. Scanned copies: $246.80 (2,468 pages $0.10)
I responded with:
Ms. Circelli, I would like to come in to scan the documents into my device. Considering there are over 2400 documents not in digital format needing to be scanned, I will need a few separate blocks of time and days to complete the task. Do you require me to make appointments or can I come in at my own convenience? Sincerely,
Ms Circelli then replied:
Subject: RE: Washington Public Records Act Request: Policies and Procedures It appears that most of the documents from this second installment are already in digital format, and can be emailed to you or put on a cd and sent to you. The updated payment for this second installment is as follows:
$3.54 (283 emails with attachments at $.05 per 4 files sent via email) +$28.00 (for 280 photocopy pages at $.10 per page scanned and emailed) $31.54 = total. OR $3.54 + $42.00 (for 280 photocopy pages at $.15 per page/hard copies) plus postage costs, if any. $45.54 =total. We do not have a public computer that would enable you to scan the documents on to your own device.
Cyndi Circelli Office Manager
I had a feeling they hadn't dug through a bunch of paper files to pull out 2468 responsive documents and then stack them all up on a shelf somewhere. I was chuckling at the idea that they would have to print out those 2468 documents in order for me to come in and scan them. I'll forgive them for trying to swindle me, and I'll take the 200 dollar savings... I could argue that they probably don't have 280 documents that aren't already in digital format either- but I'll save my argument for another time. I paid the smaller fee and the records should be coming in anytime now. When they do, I will get them posted as quickly as possible.
The first records installment from this request is now posted under the top menu "Records" then drop down to "Lynch training" on this web-site.


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