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Glider grounding?

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

MARCH 19, 2018

I was at work today and had an out of town guest staying at my house. There was no car and nothing to indicate anyone was there.  My friend stepped outside for a smoke and was surprised to see a man in a 'hanglider' but it wasn't really a hang glider (it had a small motor)   flying around my yard. She said it barely made any noise at all and it was weird because he approached from the back but then dropped low to the ground as he entered the yard. She thought he was going to crash but he stayed within the trees lower than the treeline of my yard before going out to the road then entering again through my driveway coming close enough she could've touched his feet as he flew all the way along the driveway before rising again and flying off in the direction he had come. He wore a helmet or she may have been able to identify him he was that close. He circled my house then flew off- she's pretty sure he saw her too.  I was able to pull one frame from security videos showing what looks like  a guy hanging from a bag of some sort  but the camera angle isn't high enough to capture the yellow glider and motor she described. My son wondered if it might be the same guy he saw flying around him at Les Schwab a week prior, he had told me about it then- thought it was very cool but what is it doing flying through my yard today? 

I found a frame of him in the air on my security camera but its poor quality- just enough to confirm that he was actually there.  This was before he entered my yard where he dropped to just above the clubhouse you see there.   I posted 2 photos below. The one on the left is a close up of the left top corner where the camera captured his arrival. Not intended to identify just confirm what she saw:


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