• Katy

White paw prints?

MARCH 28th, 2018

This strange white hand print was found on the dashboard of a car parked in my driveway overnight. A friend of mine was staying with me for a few days. She went out to her car to find a white substance near the lock on the driver's door. Dismissing it as bird droppings, when she climbed inside and sat down she noticed this paw print on her dashboard. Looks like the same substance that was on her door. Nothing was missing (stolen) from the car. Recreating the placement of the print it appeared to be where someone might put their hand to brace themself to grab something off the dash while keeping themself partly outside of the car. Could it have been to remove the piece of paper that was covering the VIN number while snapping a photo of it through the windshield? Ah, probably not. Why would anyone do that? But then again, why would anyone leave a white paw print on the dash?


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